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Welcome. bitcreations would be pleased to work with you. A baloon with a smiling face What would you like to know about first?

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If you work in the industry, terms such as "Apps" and "Cloud Services" are all part of the lingo but for some industry terms can sound like technobabble. A person's face looking quite unhappy How about some fundamentals should you need them?

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  • A person with question marks floating above their head Apps

    A computer and smartphone running software apps Apps are computer programs that run on desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or remote computers to perform useful tasks for their users.

  • A person with question marks floating above their head Cloud Services

    A computer sat in a cloud The cloud is an industry term used to describe services that run over the internet. Cloud Services include apps and websites that are available to customers 24x7.

  • A person with question marks floating above their head Software Development

    A software app containing zeros and ones Software development describes the process of collaborating, designing, programming, testing and deploying code to the desired target so that it achieves user goals.

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bitcreations is a software development company that first and foremost offers programming services.

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Product Development

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Develop Something New

Ask bitcreations to create a new product, app, website or cloud service.

Maintain or Extend

Ask bitcreations to extend or maintain an existing product, app, website or cloud service you already own.

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Technology Demonstrations

Technologies are the building blocks in your next project. Here are some demonstrations of what those technology building blocks can accomplish.

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