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bitcreations likes:

  • Thumbs up! collaboration at the heart of agile software development.

  • Thumbs up! collaboration with clients using a shared team space.

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bitcreations software development uses Agile - a collection of methodologies that help a software project reach it's intended objective. Think agility and that sums up the approach.

Here are just a few points:

  • Client Collaboration: Industry data shows that agile projects have more than twice the success rate of traditional projects on average worldwide.
  • Continuous Delivery: Clients get to see working software early on in the project allowing software developers to incorporate their feedback.
  • Visibility: Clients get to peek into the software development process and see what is going on.
  • Living Specification: Rather than nailing down a single document as the blueprint, Agile processes maintain a 'living specification' that can be adjusted if the client wishes.
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Team space

From the very beginning bitcreations will collaborate with you. bitcreations will create a team space and project to start brainstorming and give you a place to record your ideas.

  1. Open the email from bitcreations and go to your team space.
  2. Collaborate from your dashboard:
    Screen capture of teamspace showing widgets and update information on the progress of the software project
  3. Telescope - See how far this project is going to go Scope Collaboration
  4. User Story List Design Collaboration
  5. A collection of zeros and ones showing the basic components of software Build Collaboration
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